Coolmino power & A/C combination

Coolmino series


The Coolmino is a diesel-operated power generator and a/c combination. It exploits available energy more effectively than any conventional systems. The diesel motor generator/e-motor and air conditioning compressor components are each connected via a coupling. Starting (surge) currents encountered in conventional systems are ruled out here, thanks to the direct drive.

The newly developed generator/e-motor combination means that the system can be operated independently of the diesel motor by feeding in mains voltage. Complete encapsulation ensures that all noise-generating components are protected. Dual use of assemblies and the absence of starting (surge) currents mean that a smaller diesel motor and generator can be selected. This saves space, weight and, ultimately, also reduces costs.

Even during mains operation, a considerable reduction in noise is achieved through encapsulation of the motor and air conditioning compressor. Heating with the air conditioning system can be either realised electrically or by exploiting waste heat from the motor, thus utilising energy more efficiently. The system can be optionally retrofitted with a diesel water heater. This is supplied via the generator fuel supply intake. SET can supply you with the Coolmino concept in a highly flexible modular design or as a tunnel solution which can be fitted into practically every application.

Coolmino 12/xx DSIMIL

12KW – 400/230V – 50Hz
Klimaleistung bis 16KW
Heizleistung bis 6KW

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Coolmino 16/xx DSIMIL

16KW – 400/230V – 50Hz
Klimaleistung bis 18KW
Heizleistung bis 8KW

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Coolmino 8/xx DSIMIL

8 KW – 400/230V – 50Hz
Klimaleistung bis 16KW
Heizleistung bis 6KW

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