Our partner Westermann Kältetechnik GmbH

Competent partner in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology is the company Westermann GmbH in Hamburg. Westermann system solutions come in the areas of yachts, container ships as well as with special filter systems in fire brigade, ambulance and construction vehicles.

With Westermann GmbH, the “SKY Shield” energy module was developed for the Bundeswehr and successfully tested in Afghanistan.

To the air conditioner


Electricity and climate from a single source

Hellwig & Lünenschloss is one of the trend-setting companies in the field of installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration units, heaters and air conditioning and filter systems in vehicles of all kinds.

As a partner of Hellwig & Lünenschloss, we are in the advantageous position to be able to offer the trades of power generators and air conditioning technology “all from one source”. In close cooperation, joint developments such as the “Coolmino” product line are offered.

Resistant gensets

As enormously reliable and powerful, SET power generators are increasingly being used in the military sector. The individually designed generators are used worldwide. We equip mobile equipment of all kinds and offer a suitable solution for every application in different designs. Our generators are world leaders when it comes to sound-insulated operation, space-saving installation or special climatic conditions of use.

Focus of our cooperations

  • Heaters & Air Conditioners
  • Passenger cars to commercial vehicles
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Promotional vehicles
  • Ground floor vehicles
  • Stationary filter systems i.e. for trade, industry, commerce and private
  • Showtrucks
  • Radio vehicles a. o.
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Special structures
  • Surveillance vehicle
Additional accessories


Roof systems


Rear view systems

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