Extremely Quiet • Extremely Compact • Extremely Efficient • Extremely Robust

Individually designed generators from SET Stange Energietechnik GmbH are global leaders when it comes to particularly quiet operation, space-saving installation or operation in extreme climatic conditions and found in applications ranging from television broadcasting vehicles and mobile operating theatres in tents to yachts.

“Powered by Set”

Fahrzeuggenerator Jaguar LKW

Vehicle generators

In the area of vehicle generators, SET offers pioneering energy supply technology
in mobile applications in its Camino series.

Military generators

SET generators are recognised as extremely reliable and efficient and are used increasingly for military applications.

Robuste Fahrzeuggeneratoren für das Militär
Generatoren für Marinen International

Marine generators

SET offers pioneering energy concepts
for a reliable on-board power supply.

Stationary generators

Mobile generators

PTO shaft units