Standard gensets

Resistant generators for serious conditions

Are you looking for a suitable power generator with a particularly low sound level, small footprint or for extremely difficult climatic conditions?

SET generators can be designed stationary or mobile. Therefore they are suitable for every application: from military, civil and naval to installation in vehicles and RVs. Under the quality label Made in Germany, the generators are thoroughly tested and generally subjected to a certified quality management.

In addition, SET generators are characterized by the use of patented, water-cooled asynchronous generators and efficient sound insulation. Far more than 10,000 units have been built to date in the company’s own development and production and delivered worldwide. The detailed adaptation to existing space conditions and connections is provided by our 3D design department. On request also in the development environment used in your house.

In addition to the independent power supply, our generators offer much more benefits:

  • a high degree of mobility
  • almost unlimited life
  • Superior in quality and performance
  • excellent function and safety
  • suitable for many applications: military, naval, vehicles
  • low sound pressure level between 54 and 62 db / A due to super sound insulation

SET manufactures a comprehensive range of power generators with outputs from 15 to 2000 KVA. Therefore, they are ideal for private and industrial use.

Product categories

Frame units

A high degree of performance reliability is demanded of a generator under the toughest operational conditions. Whether alternating current or three-phase electric power is involved, robust frame units from …
Frame units

Rahmen Generatoren für extreme Bedingungen
Schallgekapselte Geräte weltweit auslieferbar

Sound-proofed units

Generators which run quietly are needed when working at night, on weekends or in residential areas. Even larger electric tools can be operated with encapsulated generators from SET Stange Energietechnik GmbH with extremely low …
Sound-proofed units


Container units with a capacity of 50 – 1400 KW are an integral part of SET.

The systems can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with several others, even where different capacities are …


Container der Firma SET Stange
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