SET- Stage V power generators, our product solutions for your mobile power needs

Since the beginning of 2019, new and stricter requirements have been applied across the EU to reduce the emission classes of power generators (EU Regulation 2016-1628). By choosing particularly low-consumption and low-pollution diesel engines, the SET generators meet the legal requirements and contribute to environmental protection. Newly developed power generators with outputs of over 20 […]


SET Marine

  SET Marine. BOOT. MARINE. LIFESTYLE.   Innovative technology for RIB boats, water sports, and lifestyle. Due to the move to larger premises, more space is now also available for the marine sector, not only for the proven marine power generation. With the access of Mr. Matthias Stange in the marine business SET sets new […]


SET Power Rack

Portable high energy supply without noise and exhaust fumes. SET’s new emission-free solution is based on highly efficient lithium polymer batteries housed in rugged variable-combinable 19 “rack system. Whether for uninterrupted power outage bypass, providing extra power at high power peaks, or covering all the power needed to recharge, the SET Power Rack performs these […]



S = SLIDER Utility compartments in containers or vehicles are usually limited in terms of space. A lot of room for the application, but very little for technology. The Camino DSS / DSSMIL has a slider on which components such as the generator, noise suppressor, battery and cooler unit are mounted. These can be pulled [...]
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